3 Reasons To Have Your Moles Checked

If you have one or more moles on your body, then part of caring for yourself is to have them checked. This is often done by your dermatologist because they are skin specialists. There are several important reasons why you should have your moles checked and this article will discuss three of these reasons. 

Quick And Easy

Going in to have your moles checked is quite simple. You simply need to make a standard appointment with your dermatologist and they will check your moles, as well as any other spots on your body that may concern you. If they find a mole that looks questionable, they will let you know and will proceed to remove and then test the mole. However, more often than not your moles will be considered fine and you will be done with the entire process. 

Keeps You Safe

Another important reason to have your moles checked is the fact that this keeps you safe. If you have your moles checked on a regular basis, or when you think you see a change in one or more of them, then you decrease your risk of having a skin issue. If the mole is potentially cancerous, you can reduce the risk of the cancer spreading to other parts of your body because you have caught it soon enough. This gives you a great deal of peace and comfort and ensures that your skin is as healthy as possible. 

Mole Removal Is Relatively Painless

If you do need to have a mole removed, the procedure is essentially painless. The skin is not only numbed before the mole is removed, but because the mole is only on the surface of the skin, the part of your skin that is affected is very small. The only exception would be when stitches are involved. However, this often isn't necessary. If you do feel a bit of pain in the area where your mole was removed, you can simply ice it or take some mild pain medication and will likely feel much better. 

Having your moles checked out by your dermatologist is always the best decision. The appointment with your dermatologist is generally quick and easy, going in to have your moles checked regularly helps to keep your skin healthy and it helps keep you safe, and if you do have to have a mole removed, the process is relatively painless in most cases. 

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