Identifying Authentic Czech Painted Glass Files

Gorgeous painted files are beginning to crop up in nail salons across the country, and it's easy to determine why. They are prettier than metal boards sandpaper emory boards, and they can give your nail salon an air of elegance as your aestheticians handle client nails. However, fakes exist. To identify real Czech files before you purchase, make sure of the following.

The Files are Strong and Smooth

Regular glass can be cut and painted to appear as if they're authentic Czech nail files. However, real pieces aren't just painted; they're only created from glass treated with particular chemicals or put through thermal treatments. These treatments render the files much, much stronger than simple glass. This makes them ideal for regular use inside nail salons.

If you're unsure, ask a supplier about the treatments that the glass has received. If they cannot name any or don't seem to understand the question, you may not have an authentic source.

The Pieces Have Round Edges

Real pieces will also always have rounded edges. Fakes cut quickly will often keep rectangular edges because extra care isn't taken to sand or round them.

The Files are Thick

Fake pieces might look like real Czech ones until you see how thin each file is. Compared to a proper Czech nail file, fakes will be only a millimeter or two thick. It might be helpful to have at least one known authentic file in hand before assessing fakes for this reason.

The Files Have Patent Numbers

Holographic stickers were once a clear sign that you were dealing with Czech glass, but vendors of fake files are starting to include those as well. Look specifically not for a sticker, but a patent number that should reside on it.

The Files are Appropriately Priced

The market is starting to be saturated with fake pieces, so it may seem like they're all very cheap except for some outliers. Seeing files that are priced higher than others may give you pause, but realize that authentic pieces will indeed be higher-priced than knock-offs. This shouldn't alarm you but in fact alert you to the fact that you're about to purchase authentic pieces rather than fakes. Shop around and try a few samples so you can see if they meet other authenticity standards.

Your ability to find and select Czech painted files, such as from Snazzy Creations, can affect the quality of service you offer your customers. Remember these details about authentic files so your purchases are legitimate.

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