3 Tips For Successful Microblading Recovery

If you are thinking about getting your eyebrows microbladed, whether it be because they aren't as thick as you'd like, they don't go all the way to the end, they are a super light color, or you simply don't like them, then this is a great treatment for you. However, it is very important that you take the recovery seriously because this is what allows you to get the results that you want. Here are three tips for a successful microblading and recovery.

Don't Let Them Get Wet 

It is very important that you keep your eyebrows as dry as you possibly can during the recovery process. If water or sweat gets into them early on, this may not only make them burn, but it can also have a negative effect on the pigment setting into the microbladed strokes. When you shower or bath, avoid putting your face directly into the water. Instead, you should use a wash cloth to wash your face, avoiding your eyebrow area. If you know that you will be sweating, then make sure that you wear a headband or cap to catch the sweat before it can drop down onto your face. 

Use Generous Amounts Of Ointment On Your Eyebrows 

After your microblading procedure, the artist who does your microblading will either give you an ointment or lotion to use on your eyebrows, or will tell you what the best kind to buy is. You should then use this ointment in generous amounts to keep your eyebrows moist and to stop the skin from flaking off. This allows the skin to heal and stay moist while the pigment is setting into your eyebrow strokes. This also helps with itching you eyebrows, which is very hard to fight when you can feel skin flaking off. 

Be Sure To Get Your Touch Up

As part of the microblading process, you will need to get a touch up a month or so after your regular treatment. This gives your eyebrows enough time to peel and for the pigment to set in. This then allows the microblading artist to see what areas need to be touched up so that your eyebrows look full and thick. If you fail to go into get your eyebrows touched up as part of the recovery process, then you will likely have missing hair strokes and hair strokes that look to be cut short. This doesn't give you the full microblading look and essentially defeats the purpose of getting microblading at all. 

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