Are You A Man Getting A Spray Tan Before Your Cruise Vacation? 3 Tips To Extend Your New Look

Your upcoming cruise vacation has you picking out tropical shirts and getting excited about spending days in the sun. However, you know that you have a few things to do before you can feel confident donning your swimsuit in public. Whether you've spent too much time indoors lately or just switched to a new suit that shows off your old tan lines, tanning salons have everything you need to get your skin beach ready. As you prepare for your appointment, you can use these tips to make sure that your new spray tan lasts through your vacation.

Prep 24 Hours Before Your Appointment

Airbrush tanning works best on skin that is smooth and ready to absorb the special formula. Start by shaving any skin that you prefer to be smooth before the appointment, since most hair removal method also take off the top layer of your skin, and this can lighten the tan. You will also want to exfoliate and moisturize your skin about 24 hours before the appointment. This eliminates any dry spots so that the sunless tanning solution is absorbed more evenly on your body.

Wear the Right Clothing to the Salon

Your visit to the tanning salon should be relaxing, so go ahead and wear your most comfortable clothing. For the best results, choose something with an adjustable waistband, such as sweatpants. Being able to keep the bands on your clothing loose helps to keep the spray tan solution from rubbing off before it has time to completely set. Just in case some does, wear darker colored clothing or something that you don't mind not wearing again.

Ask How to Care for Your Tan Afterwards

Make sure to let the salon staff know if this is your first time getting a spray tan. This way, they can make sure to remind you of important follow-up care instructions that you need to use to preserve the tan. For instance, you will need to avoid showering for about eight hours after the spray is applied to avoid washing it off. After that, avoid chlorinated pools and strenuous exercise that could cause you to rinse or sweat off the solution for about 24 hours. 

Getting that fresh golden tan before you hit the beach is safer than spending hours in the sun, and a spray tan assures you that you will look amazing from the very moment that you board the ship. Now that you know how to prep for and take care of your spray tan, you can look forward to looking your best at any outdoor event.

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