Want Longer, Fuller Hair? 3 Types Of Hair Extensions To Consider

When you look on social media and you see beauty bloggers with as much hair as a horse, you may think that they were naturally blessed with that much hair, but they more than likely have hair extensions. Hair extensions are a fairly easy way to add more hair to your head for both length and flume; leaving you feeling sexier than ever. The fun thing about hair extensions is that there are a variety of different ones to pick from. This article will take a closer look at three different types that you may want to choose form. 


You can either have extensions that are affixed to your natural hair (usually sewn on), or you can get clip-in extensions. Clip-in extensions are easy for you to clip into your natural hair and are ideal because you can take them out at night when you go to bed. Plus, a lot of hairstylists will blend your hair with your extensions so that they look just as seamless as extensions that you got from a salon. 

Wavy Hair Extensions

If you have always wanted to have more texture in your hair, then you may want to consider getting wavy hair extensions. Wavy hair extensions are fun because they come with a natural wave so that you don't have to fuss with them and curl them. If you have naturally wavy hair, it can make getting ready even easier because you won't have to fuss with your hair or extensions. Or, if you have straight hair, but want wavy hair, you can wave your natural hair to blend in with your wavy extensions. 


If you have thin hair but like the length of your hair, then you may want to get fill-in extensions. Fill in extensions usually only have one or two wefts that you can add to your natural hair for some volume. Because shorter hairstyles are really in right now, fill in extensions, have become a really popular way for women to get the look that they want without having such long locks. 

Hair extensions are a fun way for you to get that dream air that you have always wanted to have. If you want to learn more about hair extensions, reach out to a salon professional near you and schedule a hair consultation with them. They can go over all of these options with you to help you land on the right type of extensions for your hair. 

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