What To Consider Before Getting A Tattoo

Tattoos aren't something to take lightly. They should be considered body artwork, and should be well-thought out before you get one. If you are thinking of getting a tattoo, there are a few things you should consider beforehand. Read on for a few considerations to make before getting your next tattoo.

Type of Artwork

Consider the type of artwork you want on your body. Don't get anything that is just trendy, get something that you know you'll still like years from now. The tattoo is permanent (unless you want to have it covered later or removed at some point, which is painful), so whatever tattoo you plan on getting, be sure it's something you really want. If you love flowers, get some type of flower tattoo. If you are a lover of sports, a sports tattoo may be something you prefer. Consider the type of artwork you plan on putting on your body before actually sitting down in the chair with the tattoo artist.

Body Placement

You should also consider where on the body you want your tattoo. If you think you want a face tattoo, you may really want to consider this, as you can't easily hide the tattoo. Think about putting it in a less conspicuous place on the body instead, such as the back, upper arm, or thigh. Other places on the body such as the foot, hand, or the back of the neck don't have a lot of meat, and may be more painful. Consider this as well when you think about getting a tattoo.

Pain Level

If you aren't someone that can handle pain or needles, you should consider this as well before getting a tattoo. If you have one that has a lot of detail, you may be in that chair for awhile getting the tattoo. If you don't think you can stick it out, you may only have a half tattoo. Before you sit in that chair, think about whether or not you'll be able to handle the pain of getting the tattoo in the first place.


Your tattoo is going to also need some care immediately after receiving the tattoo, including keeping it covered and dry in order to allow it to heal properly. Even after your tattoo heals, you should use lotion to keep it moisturized. You may need to add color to it over time since it can fade in the sunlight. 

Consider these things before getting your tattoo. Tattoos are considered artwork and should carry meaning to you. Take time to think about your tattoo artwork and what you really want. 

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Tattoos aren't something to take lightly. They should be considered body artwork, and should be well-thought out before you get one. If you are thinki